Are You One to Over React?

So often in life, we look at other people’s actions, choices and behaviors and we immediately go to judgment.
We accuse. We criticize. We provoke. We React.
We move to a position of what’s wrong with what they’re doing.
We fight to be right.
But the question I have to ask you, is: does carrying that kind of negative energy about someone, something or some event really serve you?
Chances are the answer is no. How or why would carrying negative energy ever be productive? How can being reactive ever create the feelings you want to live in.
What then can we do?
For me, I’ve learned to make my first reaction COMPASSION.
Because if I can react with compassion, then naturally I can respond with compassion.
With all that said, here is a simple little question I ask myself, that you can use as well in order to find compassion for anyone, anytime, anywhere…and it goes like this:
“When have I ever ________?”
When have I ever been out of integrity?
When have I ever been late?
When have I ever told a lie?
When have I ever been irresponsible?
When have I ever shown up in my shadow instead of my light?
The list goes on and on…..and unless you’re perfect, chances are you too can fill in the blanks.
Now, will your blank be the exact same situation as the person you’re reacting too? Probably not.
However, the underlying cause is most likely something you too, have chosen or experienced in your life.
Anyhow, asking this question has served me greatly.
It’s brought peace to my life and too many of my relationships and I trust, that should you choose to utilize this technique, it will do the same for you.
Stay Empowered,
Debbie Sherrick/codependency coach

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