Leaving Unhealthy Relationships

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Part of loving ourselves, is honoring our truth. You know my mantra for healing this stuff is To Thine Ownself Be True. Easier said than done sometimes. At first, it is getting the courage to do it. When you are done feeling that uncomfortable feeling inside, that tug of war feeling that is the old “not good enough person” or the part of us that is loyal to our own detriment, we will let go. Even if the feeling is not there, we may have to act as if just because we know its the right thing to do whether we “feel like it” or not. Our higher self ALWAYS knows what is best for us. We just have to learn to trust that voice and listen. “Moving on” from a past relationship or from something that is not working in your life can be much easier said than done. When you love a person and have opened your heart to them, the thought of letting go and moving on can be so scary it’s paralyzing! When you’ve been hurt in the past, it can be difficult to open your heart and let love back in, or to do what it takes to turn a relationship into the kind of loving union you dream of. This is what has many people holding on to a relationship, or limiting beliefs and behaviors that are clearly not giving them the experience they want for much longer than they need to. It’s also what keeps them stuck, alone, and lonely.
Having the type of love you want – the kind where you know that you know that he loves you, where it feels safe and secure, and where you get to experience love, peace, and joy – the kind of relationship that works means you need to be willing to let go of what doesn’t! Once you do, the Universe opens up all kinds of new doors and things start to change inside and out.
Trust your timing. When you are ready to make that change, you will.
Love Yourself,
Debbie Sherrick/Holistic Life Coach
Deb self love and the power to transform from the insideout

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