Why Do Women Feel Guilty About Putting Themselves First??

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On the topic of self- love, Ive been pondering on the thought of how much being honest with ourselves (to thine own self be true) is what gives us true awareness about ourselves and is the foundation for self-love. When your not in denial about yourself and know who you are ( a divine, beautiful child of God) you can accept yourself more. Today, try eavesdropping on yourself and the conversations you have with yourself. Try to keep a sense of humor, compassion, and love toward them. Don’t hold anything back from yourself as the relationship with yourself is the most important. Having emotional integrity with YOU must come first before you can have it with others. Take the risk of getting your deepest thoughts and feelings out today either by prayer, writing about them in a journal, sharing with a safe close friend, painting, maybe dancing with your angels or some other creative outlet. Just be honest with yourself. Open the lid on your emotions and view them with the same compassion that you would give a little child. After all, that same little girl still lives within us. The more you admit to yourself your true inner most feelings and thoughts, you will gain a deeper understanding and love of yourself which we know must come first.

It’s especially easy or I should say common for women to feel guilty about putting themselves first, as we are programmed as females to be the caretakers, nurturers and the ones who make the home run  smoothly. (Codependent behavior is all about being and feeling needed)  Even though it is our  nature, we still must not lose our identity in that and find the balance. We have to realize that we are not being selfish when we look out for our  health, make sure we exercise, have support with friends and find something for our creative outlet that is just ours. I tell clients all the time that if they don’t take care of themselves and take responsibility for their health, they will eventually be an empty tank when it comes to taking care of their families and become burnt out. I know this for a fact, as I was one of those women years ago. My whole life and identity was in my  family and job.

You and only you are the author of your  own life story and destiny. You can start a new chapter anytime you choose. It’s never too late, no matter what your age. So honor your authenticity and live the story that on one else can live.

“My personal reality begins inside me, then shows up on the outside”

“Having a personal passion about something is very anti-aging” Christiane Northrup

Practice Self-Love. Give as much attention to yourself as you do others and your work.

Have a blessed rest of the week!

Debbie Sherrick/Holistic Codependency Life Coach

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