Could You Use Some Courage for 2015?

Where Could You Use Some Courage for 2015?

As this year ends, Ive been asking and meditating for the last couple of weeks on what my new word will be for 2015. Ive been doing this for years as long as I have kept a journal  each year. It never fails that by the end of the year, my word is given to me. I never know what it is going to be, or how it will play out through the new year. By the end of the year, I know why I was given that word. My word this year is COURAGE.  So I guess I will be needing to step out in faith, despite some fears, and have some courage. For the last couple of weeks everywhere I turned I kept seeing the serenity prayer. First I found a plaque in Cracker Barrel that I bought for my office. Then I kept seeing the prayer everywhere for a week on fb. I then opened a old book I wanted to read again and a book marker with the serenity prayer fell out. The clincher was when I went to Barnes and Noble as I do in December to find my new journal for the next year. Sitting there all by itself  was a beautiful turquoise journal with a beach scene (I love the beach!) with the serenity prayer on it! At that moment it was like I heard that big voice inside say, “your word next year is courage”.  At first I thought oh no! What am I afraid of that I’m going to need courage for? But then I felt peace about all the new things that I am going to grow in faith in and have the courage to either change or let go of.  

I want to share some of my own thoughts and feelings that come up around this time of year and some fears that many may have.

While some people love the excitement around “kick starting” a brand new year, I know others can feel a lot of pressure to make it “the best year ever” and are having to face some changes. Maybe a new job. Or letting go of a toxic relationship. Maybe the courage to detach from something or someone that is unhealthy for you and the courage to make some needed changes. It may just be the courage to get healthy inside and out and the courage to change some unhealthy habits. Or the courage to step out of your comfort zone and so something that really takes courage and faith.
While I’m not a fan of putting extra pressure on ourselves, or shaming ourselves (we get enough of not feeling “good enough” at times)  I am a big fan of finding better, more consistent ways to by kinder to ourselves and learn more self-love that is unconditional. I am all for finding new ways to love myself regardless of whether my year has been full of achievements, or if I didn’t find the courage to do some of the things I wanted to do. It’s a new year!  I strive to let myself be more at ease, so that if things don’t always go according to plan, I don’t spin into an “I really blew it” and beat myself up with self talk.
My hope for you this coming year is that your heart stays open to feel more love (especially towards yourself) so that you may connect regularly with your own divinity, knowing you can step into its flow at anytime and that you too have what it takes inside to do what it takes to find happiness, health, serenity and joy.
May you have the courage to not give up on yourself. The courage to let go of things that no longer benefit you or empower you.  Have the courage to “change the things you can” and give the things you can’t change to God. Breathe. Stop saying “I can’t”. Part of the language of letting go is learning to say “I can”.

My prayer is that your I cant’s turn into I can.  Take the time you need to believe in yourself this year. Learn to enjoy the process of coming to believe you can. Ask God to grant you the humble confidence to enjoy the new year and all the things that will come your way, knowing that he will give you the strength, confidence and courage to do the things you can’t do alone.

May you be thankful for all you learned (hard lessons and all) in 2014 and have the courage and confidence that 2015 has wonderful new things in store for you. That’s what I’m having the courage to believe!

Happy, Healthy New Year to All!

Debbie Sherrick/ InsideOut Wellness

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